ERIP insulated bushing with capacitive grading layers

ISOBUS MB is an Epoxy Resin Impregnated Paper (ERIP) insulated bushing with capacitive grading layers embedded through the insulation and a concentric earth layer. The earth layer is directly connected to the flange.

ISOBUS MB is designed and manufactured according to exactly the same principles as ISOBUS MR. ERIP Insulation Properties: Please refer to ISOBUS MR



>3,6 kV - 52 kV, - 7000 A


Degree of protection
IP30-IP54 inndoor,
IP54-IP67 outdoor

Single phase capsulated



ISOBUS MB bushings are designed for

  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Connections to oil / air equipment
  • Connections between SF6 and non SF6 equipment
  • Connections to cables.

Safety and Reliability

  • Partial discharge free according to IEC 60 137 due to void free manufacture and high voltage routine testing of each bushing prior to delivery. Guaranteed for a long life span.
  • Touch safe in earthed area during operational conditions due to embedded concentric earth layer
  • Easily withstands ambient temperatures from below -50°C to above + 55° C
  • Withstand very high peak current
  • Insulation withstand is E-120
  • Integrated current transformer on the bushing is possibile
  • Degree of protection is IP 54 –IP 68
  • Natural cooling
  • No halogens. If a fire occurs, no toxic gases develop and the insulation is self-extinguishing

Space and Time Saving Installation

  • Value added solution supplied
  • Flange and current transformer is an integral part of the conducting cylinder, therefore saves time
  • Any three dimensional shape is possible
  • One bushing per phase up to 7000A
  • No special tools required